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The second Dynasty Warriors Gundam game in the series.

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The second Dynasty Warriors Gundam game in the series.


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Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough?

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Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough? Two decades after the freak alien invasion that nearly destroyed mankind a new threat emerges. This Alien mothership is more than twice the size as the last one and once again, the world's armies must band together to save the world. Do they have enough firepower or will this battle change and will aliens take over? I was surprised to see low scores for this movie. I guess the reason is people compared it to the trill of watching the 1st and that is just unfair, the novelty could not still exist.

Saying this, I really enjoy it. It has all the same ingredients the other one as, even more. The line of writing is the same. Plot wise it brought back all main characters, killing the ones that could not come back for more (of course) and introducing new exciting ones. Sleazy dialogues? Well, go back and watch the 96's movie and you'll get sleaziness too. Probably more.

Nothing is really missing: Bill Pullman's motivating speech (tacky in 96 and in 16) is still there. His presence is still strong and his character still gets reverenced has "The" president. You also have kids with some screen time, you get to see Judd Hirsch again, always funny and the dynamic with Jeff Goldblum is still enjoyable. There are tons of aliens and ships. Unlike that movie made by Spielberg and Cruise that was crappy has hell and gave no one an alien (except for Tom's face). Come on! No one can score that one better than this one.

Special Effects are what we all got used to see and in the right measure: great, not ostentatious, not over the top, not fake looking.

The acting of major roles and support ones is well done. In the end you still cheer for humans and you despised the Aliens. And when humankind wins... Well, maybe is too soon to celebrate?

A new novelty comes in a sphere and I will not say more. I enjoy it.

A good movie to see on TV, maybe more so than on the big screen, since I believe it must be more enjoyable to watch this lying in your comfortable couch than sitting in a movie theater pack with strangers probably kicking your chair, eating or answering phones.

Pros: The original cast reunion (except you know who and I didn't miss him). The faithful character dynamics

Cons: A noticeable effort to place Chinese dialogue and characters.

(is too forced and both are weak) Don't listen to these people! If you liked Independence day you are gonna like this one! It has a lot of the same vibe and it is a good movie! It might not be shawshank redemption good. But for its genre its pretty good. I liked the CGI and the actors. And Jeff Goldblum is still funny and awesome. Yes it has a few errors and stuff that you after the movie will think: Hey why did they not have this and this? And what about this? But most movies today have that so that's nothing new. Most movies will have that and movie makers cant think of everything. Look at yourself? Do you always think of everything? No probably not. I liked the movie. It was funny and full of great action. And it could end up being a very awesome series! A whole new space series! And that would be awesome! So if you liked the first movie then go ahead and watch this. Not everything has to be perfect for it to be good. And this might not be perfect but its still very enjoyable and i was grabbed through all of the movie. Diddent find it boring at all. So go ahead! Watch this movie! Its not as bad as everyone in here seems to write it is :) The main thing consumers will be looking for from Resurgence is bang-for-buck entertainment, and that it delivers reasonably successfully. Will Smith was offered to reprise his role as Capt. Steven Hiller but negotiations eventually broke down between himself, Fox and the film makers. Depending on who you ask, Fox said Smith wanted too much money now he was a much bigger star but director, Roland Emmerich, said Smith had just done After Earth (which bombed) and was apparently tired of big sci-fi movies for the time being. Of course Emmerich might have just said this to protect Smith's reputation as a Hollywood nice guy but it could have been a combination of the two. Earlier in 2016 Will Smith did express his regret in not taking part in the sequel saying it would be very hard for him to watch. In the first film Dr. Okun is attacked and 'possessed' by an alien. The alien is then shot to death and we see Dr. Okun laying on the floor lifeless with eyes open, apparently dead. But it was never confirmed. According to Dr. Okun himself (actor Brent Spiner) there was a shot filmed of the major (Adam Baldwin) kneeling over Okun's body and taking his pulse, the major then says to the President, "He's dead sir." This was cut from the film in anticipation of a sequel.


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A lumberjack knocks out a champion boxer in a brawl, gets drawn into the boxing world where he is unknowingly set up for a fixed fight. Hal Donovan gets into a fight with ex-heavyweight champion Slug Cassidy at a lumber camp in the north woods. Slug takes a bad beating and he and his trainer, Spider, urge Hal to become a professional boxer. Soon, "Chopper" Hal proves to be a natural and is beating all comers. He meets Kay Conrad, who is struggling to support her father, an ex-fighter invalided for life in the ring, and her young brother Dickie. Kay hates everything connected to the sport, and Hal keeps her ignorant of his profession. But Slug and Spider tell the Conrads of Hal's identity as "Chopper" Hal, and Kay breaks off the engagement while Hal takes to the open road. Hal, now a tramp, picks up odd jobs where he can find them and one of them leads him to a training camp where he meets Slug and Spider with their new fighter Lion Lee. He also meets Kay and learns that her father is in desperate need of money. He accepts Spider's offer to fight Lee, on the condition that he take a dive in the third round. Kay learns of this and begs Hal to fight an honest fight if he is determined to fight. He tells Spider that he'll fight Lee on honest terms and the match is on. Herman Brix (later known as Bruce Bennett) was an Olympian and early Tarzan. He was good looking, athletic and could act reasonably well. However, he also was stuck in many bad and very cheap films--which is probably why very people have heard of him today. Later, he changed his name to Bruce Bennett (to hide that he appeared in many BAD films) and ended up having a much more successful career in westerns. Here, he stars as Herman Brix--so naturally it's a terrible film!

"Flying Fists" begins with a HUGE cliché (the first of many). Brix is working as a lumberjack (a job he actually did in real life) when he's assaulted by a big jerk. Brix flattens him and, what do you know, the big jerk just happens to be an ex-boxing champ! So, the ex-champ's folks decide to make Herman a star--and he soon moves up the ranks in the boxing world. However, Hermie meets a lady who HATES boxing (her dad was permanently injured while prize fighting) and Herm gives up his chance at stardom.

Time passes and Hermie-baby is an all-around swell guy. But, his lady-love's father is in need of an operation (gosh!) and Herm decides to return to the ring using another name (Brix seemed to like doing this in life). But, in order to get the fight and guarantee the money, he agrees to throw the fight against the contender. Only when he sees a cute kid (there's ALWAYS a cute little kid) does he realize that he's betraying the youth of America (making him practically a communist!). And, despite originally intending to fake it, he decides to come out swinging. Take a wild guess what happens next! If you are wrong, it's only because you have never seen the other 10348 films with these same sort of clichéd plot elements! While this is a bad film, it is, at times, unintentionally funny and I recommend you see it with a group of friends. Then, you can all play the delightful game of 'spot the cliché' and you will no doubt have plenty to keep you occupied!


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This vehicular combat game is set in an alternate reality somewhere in Southeast Asia. The player is a former naval officer, who joins a pirate gang to find a way to stop his traitorous brother, a power-hungry admiral who plans a coup.


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Follows Bruce Wayne as he tries to juggle being the Billionaire and owner of Wayne Enterprises, with the masked vigilante Batman. Mysterious allegations about the Wayne family legacy begin to surface threatening Bruce Wayne's reputation while Batman squares off against a militant group of criminals dedicated to exposing the corruption in Gotham City through any means necessary. A strong story line which focuses not only on the agile vigilante Batman but revolves around a wonderfully portrayed biography of Bruce Wayne. Mind blowing graphics authenticated with a neat display of voice acting by the cast and a great continuity makes this a real treat - to keep playing; ... and to sink deeper and deeper into this incredible story-line. Truly a must play by TELLTALE. Hats off!!! I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a Telltale games fanboy. It's not that they can't do any wrong, it's just that they very rarely do.

Though a fan of DC & Marvel I've never quite seen the fascination with Batman so I wasn't bowled over upon hearing that this was being made. I wasn't overly concerned however as Telltale seem able to make a great game out of any franchise. I dislike the Walking Dead show and the Borderlands game series but adored the Telltale adaptations.

Batman the Telltale game has a solid storyline as you'd imagine, it looks great, it plays great and is yet another success all round. One thing that did surprise me is how merciful it, Telltale have a long history of breaking your heart and killing off characters but here it's really quite tame stuff.

This however didn't dampen it's quality and I'd consider this essential for both Telltale & Batman fans alike.

It tells the story of Waynes world crashing down around him as his family name is dragged through the mud, his friendships fall apart and the Children Of Arkham start ravaging the city.

It's all done very well and I applaud Telltale once again for making a solid game around a franchise I'm never overwhelmed with.

The Good:

Looks great

Solid voice acting

Very well put together story

The Bad:

Bit more glitchy than the average Telltale game

Really does make up its own lore

Things I Learnt From This Game:

I don't remember Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale being like that!

Alfred is a badass


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After a run in with hunters, Joel and Ellie must find a way to safety and continue on their journey to the Fireflies. A little late to the party, I've recently been playing the brilliant PS3 game The Last Of Us. As with many popular video games, it has inspired a number of 'fan films' online. If you didn't already know, these are small, low budget, short films inspired by the original digit-pixel time- wasters. If you have a look on YouTube, there's thousands of 'em.

I done a search the other day and this one 'topped the charts', so to speak. Even if you haven't played the game, although it'll definitely help if you have, I think there's something to be enjoyed in this.

Set twenty years after a rather nasty fungal infection has decimated humanity, it focuses on Joel and Ellie making their way through a wasted, fading landscape, hoping to make contact with an underground resistance group called The Fireflies. The Fireflies have a medical team that can potentially harness Ellie's immunity to the infection and create a cure, ensuring humanity's survival. On the way they encounter numerous dangers both human and infected. A bit like The Walking Dead, but without the boring six months spent on a farm bit.

As someone who has spent a great deal of time watching films, playing games and making zero-budget splatter-flicks, I feel I can pass a relatively experienced eye over such endeavours.

Starting with the bad: The building used in the film is covered in graffiti. This makes no sense as the infection spread fast and would've left little time for decorative tagging. Lifting dialogue directly from the game feels a little forced when comparable scripting would have worked just as well. The guy playing Joel looks a little young and the girl playing Ellie looks a little mature. The 'Clicker' they encounter basically looks like a normal fella with a cake glued onto his face.

The good: The building used looks very much like the hotel in the game (the level it's based on), and considering this was made on a pocket-money budget, the graffiti is easily forgivable. Both the main actors capture the game's characters style and mannerisms very well. Idiots on YouTube complain that 'Joel' is too young and 'Ellie' is too old. Well, when it was made Jeff Moffitt was 47 and Kate McLeod was (a young looking) 20, so that's guff. They nailed it in my humble. The action choreography was spot-on. It caught the mood of the game. It looks great considering the almost complete absence of budget.

Have a watch, it's ace.

Originally posted at: last-of-us-fan-film-2013.html


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It's 1865 and the telegraph is heading west. George Crane, wanting to keep law and order out of his territory, is out to stop the construction. The engineer on the job is Ken Mason and he is the grandson of Zorro. As Crane sends his men or Indians to stop the work, Mason repeatedly puts on the Zorro costume and rides to the rescue in this 12-chapter serial. "Ghost of Zorro" is a pretty good serial so I will give it a rating of six. But there are a few things wrong with it that need to be noted. The main thing I found wrong with it were the night shots and shots in caves, etc. Could not make out much of the detail and could not see what the characters were doing. In the 1940s, especially in Roy Rogers movies, "night" scenes were actually shot during the day in bright sunlight. A red filter was used making the scene look like it was a moonlit night. Very effective. Don't know why that was not used in this serial. As noted by another reviewer two chapters had the same "cliffhanger" endings. As far as scenes being used from other serials that was done in making several serials as well as other movies in the 1940s. The standard plot and acting are acceptable but the fight scenes lack the excitement of the earlier Republic serials because they are not under-cranked. Even the runaway coach scenes (the same shot repeated twice in the same serial for two different chases) are relatively unexciting. The shooting angles don't provide a sense of motion. Just look at the Lone Ranger serial by Republic and compare the riding scenes in the earlier serial to this one.

Best thing about the serial is George J. Lewis, playing a good guy.


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The world is beset by the appearance of monstrous creatures, but one of them may be the only one who can save humanity.

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In 1999, the Janjira nuclear plant was mysteriously destroyed with most hands lost including supervisor Joe Brody's colleague and wife, Sandra. Years later, Joe's son, Ford, a US Navy ordnance disposal officer, must go to Japan to help his estranged father who obsessively searches for the truth of the incident. In doing so, father and son discover the disaster's secret cause on the wreck's very grounds. This enables them to witness the reawakening of a terrible threat to all of Humanity, which is made all the worse with a second secret revival elsewhere. Against this cataclysm, the only hope for the world may be Godzilla, but the challenge for the King of the Monsters will be great even as Humanity struggles to understand the destructive ally they have. The world is beset by the appearance of monstrous creatures, but one of them may be the only one who can save humanity. CONTAINS SPOILERS

An exciting return for Godzilla, which hopefully ushers in a new franchise for the king of monsters - the film plays out at a respectable pace, not too fast and not too slow. With the help of Cranston's riveting acting, the premise sets the scene for what you expect will be a great monster movie with an emotion-driven human element. With frequent teases of Godzilla traversing the seas for a good hour, it's Cranston's powerful display of tragedy that keeps the viewer interested in the human aspect. It's this performance that keeps you content with the film regardless of the fact that you've only been given tiny snippets of the huge beast. This tone sets the viewer up for huge optimism (at least it did me) when you know that surely Godzilla is going to make more frequent appearances in all his glory, and together with Cranston's brilliance you feel this is going to be a film more than just the king of beasts bashing heads but also a powerfully emotive picture of one human's search for truth and redemption.

However, that is unfortunately as far as it gets. The feeling of the film setting you up for such but not delivering. This is all ushered in by the death of Cranston's character roughly 40 minutes into the film. And taking the lead role is now Aaron Taylor Johnson who plays a military bomb expert and the son of Cranston's character. From the moment of Cranston's exit to Johnson's taking lead point you notice a shift from passion to passive. Johnson is unfortunately completely dull and boring. And suddenly in every sense I am reminded of the death of Nicholas Cage's character in Kick Ass leaving Johnson to pilot the rest of the film as lead character. I suddenly didn't care for the human element of the film anymore and was ready to see Godzilla kick some ass! But to my dismay the Godzilla tease continued on for another 40 minutes as Johnson continually gets caught in the fray of illogical coincidences despite his initial intention of returning home to his wife and child. All the while Watanabe serving purely as a plot device to explain the meaning and purpose of Godzilla.

Finally 80 minutes in and we get to see the king in action as he battles other monsters to claim his title as god of monsters. Unfortunately for the remaining 40 minutes of the movie, the battle scenes are way too short with only a couple of really kick ass moments for Godzilla and way too much of Johnson's dull acting (Can directors please stop giving this kid lead roles?!). Overall by the end of the film you don't get the feeling that you've seen Godzilla but rather military bomb man constantly stealing the spotlight. As a personal preference, I feel that Cranston should have survived (why kill off your best actor and the character you spent 20 minutes giving a backstory?) and he and Watanabe strive to defeat Godzilla using science but in the end Cranston is redeemed and moves on from his wife's death as he realises the folly of trying to defeat or control a force of nature (the analogy given to Godzilla by Watanabe). And as it was Godzilla rides off back into sea after defeating the other monsters. Or something along those lines at least!

As a whole, the film is set up strongly but falls incredibly flat with the death of Cranston's character, which as a consequence is not replaced by Godzilla leading the remainder of the film but the boring, uninteresting and sleep-inducing acting of Aaron Taylor Johnson. The first thing I thought whilst watching Godzilla and immediately after leaving was just how ambitious an attempt this was from director Gareth Edwards. He transferred from his very good low-budget film 'Monsters' to the other end of the spectrum, confirming, at the very least, he is a director with great potential.

What he produces is a fantastic monster movie and what I admired most about the film is that you can see just how ambitious he was when creating it. What he tries to achieve in only 2 hours of film is a credit to himself and the genre of film he is taking on. I am by no means a manic Godzilla fan. I watched the 1998 film when I was around 10 years old and, like any youngster, I had an obsession with Dinosaurs and the like so enjoyed the film immensely. But I am not one of those who has watched every trailer and had it book-marked as a 'must-see' film upon release. What I hoped to see, was a genuine attempt to make a serious, dark monster movie (again, I'm not a massive fan of the monster movie genre) and Edwards absolutely delivered that to my surprise.

To sum up his ambition, he tries his absolute best to dedicate as much time as is possible to the main lead (Ford Brody) as much as he does the monsters in this film. It may not pay-off entirely and maybe, in hindsight, he would've done things differently, but all the right intentions were there and it's certainly no failed attempt. We are introduced to his father, charismatically portrayed by Bryan Cranston, who dedicated as much passion as you'd see in any drama, and the fractured relationship between the two. We see Ford Brody's family, albeit briefly, and we are introduced to Elle, another solid performance from Elizabeth Olsen. All three give it their absolute best, although the selection of Aaron Taylor-Johnson may have been one of the areas to address if you had a second chance. He by no means is bad, but a different actor may have felt more believable. Ken Wantanabe and Sally Hawkins are mainly there to give us some insight into the films name-sake, and produce good performances, and the rest of the cast do solid jobs.

Edwards also looks to build as much suspense as he can before revealing Godzilla, something which I really liked. You get the pointers. You get references and the odd image, but he doesn't rush it upon us. My view is that once you've had the Godzilla reveal, and you've seen him on screen for 5 minutes, the novelty wears off. So I really liked the fact he tried to build suspense, whilst giving you one of the secondary monsters in this film to keep you engaged. Again, like the selection of some of the cast, he may have done things slightly differently if given the chance to re-make his re-make, but it's a brilliantly ambitious effort to dedicate as much time as he does to the human characters and to try and build suspense instead of just engaging us with 2 hours of mayhem. That comes very much in the second half of the film.

Once we get to the hour point, the main course is served. Godzilla is revealed and it turns into an action film for the majority of the remainder. As for Godzilla himself, and the two MUTOs, they are excellently done. I had feared from watching one trailer that Godzilla himself looked a bit 'B-movie'-ish, but he certainly doesn't. The special effects are very good and the set and characters almost become part of a stage for these three beasts who go to war and inflict as much damage as possible, which is why I felt the first hour worked so well. I'm a big fan of action films when done well. I start to lose interest when the action begins after the first minute and continues, non-stop, for the next 90, unless it's done to a really high standard. The destruction scenes in Godzilla are excellent and they are just the right length. I think 90 minutes to 2 hours of that and I would be writing a very different review.

And finally, just a word on the atmosphere and the way it's filmed, which I thought was the best and most unique part of Godzilla. There is one scene involving a halo jump that I thought was as good as any scene in any action film. The background music, the way it was shot (through the goggles of the main character), the darkness and the flickering lighting, sporadically revealing parts of the monster below as the men fell to what looked like hell. It was an incredible scene and the highlight of the movie. There are other scenes which leave their mark, where we get slight reveals of Godzilla but very rarely, in the entire film, do we see him in his entirety, another part which I found worked well.

All in all, Edwards and his cast can be incredibly proud of what they attempted and, ultimately, achieved. They decided to go for a serious tone, for a solid cast of actors either on the up or well established, and produce an atmospheric monster movie with an underlying human tale. Did it have faults? Of course. But I think the scale of this movie, the expectation upon the crew and the fact this is a film very early on in a promising directors career path means that the negatives should be ignored and replaced with the strengths of what this movie is. It's as good as you could hope of a summer monster blockbuster, and can take it's place not just in the monster genre, but in the action/drama category too. It’s always fun to watch scaly, skyscraper-size behemoths lay waste to civilization, but a bit more human drama wouldn’t have gone amiss. No, this is a reboot of the Japanese Godzilla series from 1954. This film has no connections with the previous American remake. Godzilla will have several battles with the MUTO (Massive Unknown Terrestrial Organism) monster pair. There are scenes taking place in the Philippines, Japan, Hawaii, San Francisco, California, Nevada and Las Vegas. There are also some scenes that happen on the Pacific Ocean. "Kyrie", from György Ligeti's Requiem (1965). It was also featured most famously in Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odyssey in a few scenes and was most famously the music played right before Bowman enters the wormhole. The budget was stated and is understood to be 160 million USD. This movie was filmed in 2D and utilized stereoscopic 3D conversion in post by the company Stereo D, LLC. This is the same company who converted big creature films Jurassic Park 3D and Pacific Rim. The designers of the opening titles probably wanted to have some fun with the theme of secrecy that's evident throughout the film so they created the credits to reflect that spirit. A full list of them, including the redacted words, can be read here.


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